Can the Best Network Marketing Companies Determine Your Network Marketing Success?

Unfortunately, network marketing failure is far more common than network marketing success. It is common knowledge, though, that the best network marketing companies produce more successful distributors than companies with poor management and weaker business models. This article will reveal to what extent a strong network marketing company can determine individual success.

The top 25 network marketing companies have much in common. Typically, they have products that are unique and in demand. Usually, the products are not easy to find elsewhere. These top companies are continually changing with the times, adapting to the demands of the marketplace and the needs of their distributors.

In a word, they are RESPONSIVE!

Conversely, unsuccessful mlm companies tend to be less flexible, particularly with their approach to prospecting and marketing. As Ann Sieg points out in her classic book, “The Renegade Network Marketer”,many of these companies experience attrition rates of 95% because they use “old school” marketing techniques.

These techniques include making a “names” list, and prospecting your “warm market.”This list usually includes friends and family members. Because many people close to a distributor have no interest in network marketing, this form of prospecting leads to alienation and rejection.

Ultimately, it leads to mlm FAILURE!

Luckily, the best network marketing companies are changing with the times. While many still cling to “old school” marketing techniques, they are beginning to train distributors in leveraging the power of the Internet to find prospects. Distributors with many companies are given company sponsored websites to market their opportunity and products. The better companies are also providing Internet marketing training to their distributors as well.

Distributors are finding that they do not have to “chase” prospects when they learn to market online!

Still, even the best network marketing companies have a ways to go. The next step in their evolution is to train distributors in attraction marketing. Attraction marketing combines article marketing, email marketing, and marketing with video, to create a “branding” effect for an individual or a business. The best training ground for attraction marketing is Renegade University. The free, members only site, gives students the opportunity to earn cash while learning attraction marketing.

In the end, network marketing companies do not determine network marketing success. Individuals that are willing to work hard and learn new skills will fashion their own success.