Tax Lien Subordination

If the IRS filed a tax lien against your property due to unpaid taxes, and there is no way you can get it removed, it does not mean you cannot sell or refinance your house. As a matter of fact, the IRS is often interested in improving taxpayer’s financial situation, which, in turn, increases your ability to pay back the debt to the government. If refinancing a property would increase your monthly disposable income, or allow you to pay a lump sum to the IRS, you might be eligible for tax lien subordination.

If the IRS accepts your requests and issues a Certificate of Subordination of Federal Tax Lien, this document permits a potential creditor, whose name was listed on your request, to move ahead of the IRS in the creditor position, but only for the property named on the Certificate of Subordination of Federal Tax Lien.

There are two reasons why the IRS might agree to subordinate a lien. These reasons are included in the IRS Code in Sections 6325(d)(1) and 6325(d)(2). Lien subordination under Section 6325(d)(1) is granted if refinancing of a taxpayer’s property will provide a taxpayer with funds to full pay the tax liability, or at least to make a payment equal to the equity that is obtained. The IRS interest and penalties accumulate very fast, so it is often beneficial for a taxpayer to use this method to decrease the tax debt.

Another basis for the tax lien subordination can be if the refinancing a property would decrease a taxpayer’s monthly mortgage payments and, therefore, increase disposable income, which can be used to make larger monthly payments to the IRS for the tax liability. Section 6325(d)(2) authorizes tax lien subordination for this particular reason.

The IRS requires form 14134 – Application for Certificate of Subordination of Federal Tax Lien to be completed for this purpose. It usually takes 45 days or more for the lien subordination request to be processed by the IRS and reviewed by the IRS Advisory Group Manager.

If the IRS grants a lien subordination, you might be required to send a payment before the IRS will send the Certificate of Subordination to you. However, if your request to subordinate a lien is based on Section and 6325(d)(2) of the IRS Code, you don’t have to make a payment to get your certificate.

If the IRS rejects your request to subordinate a lien, you can appeal this decision, but you need to make sure that your Collection Appeal Request is received before the deadline indicated on the IRS letter.

Although it is possible to file form 14134 by yourself, hiring a tax resolution specialist to submit this form and, if necessary, to negotiate a lien subordination on your behalf, will save you lots of time, and give you a better chance of success.


Miami Real Estate – Getting to Know the Market Better Before Acquiring One

We can never deny the fact that Miami offers prime real estate properties to local and foreign investors who plan to set up shop in the city. In fact, the popularity of the city as a tourist attraction contributed to the rise of real estate acquisition after its decline from early 2006 to late 2007.

If you look closely at the real estate market of Miami, we can see that it is nowhere near its peak as it was 3 years ago, but is currently recovering from the mortgage crisis that went through it like a plague bent on destruction.

Paying Attention To The Real Estate Market

Settling down in the city requires that you purchase a residential property that will suit your needs. In fact, your Miami home will serve as your foundation as you go through life in your new environment. When purchasing a home property in Miami, it is best to know first the condition of the real estate market. Knowing the rise and fall of home values can greatly influence your home acquisition that will both fit your home and budgetary specifications.

We all know for a fact that the real estate market is like a pendulum. The prices of residential units will soar to heights that will practically scare away most of the investors out of the city; and can also swing the other way that presents properties at lower the original cost. The real estate market will always change depending on the status of the economy — the demand of residential properties in Miami, the value of the U.S. dollar, as well as the number of unsold homes in the region.

Finding The Perfect One While Considering The Market

It is advisable that you purchase a residential real estate property in Miami when the price it at its lowest. This requires that you pay a close attention on the real estate market. If you think that you have no patience over this waiting game, then you need to hire a real estate agent to help you out.

None is as knowledgeable in the real estate market than a real estate agent. In fact, these individuals knows all the in and out, and do’s and don’ts of the real estate market. If you are in doubt regarding the purchase of a home in Miami, then they are the best tool you can have to help you get the right one.


Can the Best Network Marketing Companies Determine Your Network Marketing Success?

Unfortunately, network marketing failure is far more common than network marketing success. It is common knowledge, though, that the best network marketing companies produce more successful distributors than companies with poor management and weaker business models. This article will reveal to what extent a strong network marketing company can determine individual success.

The top 25 network marketing companies have much in common. Typically, they have products that are unique and in demand. Usually, the products are not easy to find elsewhere. These top companies are continually changing with the times, adapting to the demands of the marketplace and the needs of their distributors.

In a word, they are RESPONSIVE!

Conversely, unsuccessful mlm companies tend to be less flexible, particularly with their approach to prospecting and marketing. As Ann Sieg points out in her classic book, “The Renegade Network Marketer”,many of these companies experience attrition rates of 95% because they use “old school” marketing techniques.

These techniques include making a “names” list, and prospecting your “warm market.”This list usually includes friends and family members. Because many people close to a distributor have no interest in network marketing, this form of prospecting leads to alienation and rejection.

Ultimately, it leads to mlm FAILURE!

Luckily, the best network marketing companies are changing with the times. While many still cling to “old school” marketing techniques, they are beginning to train distributors in leveraging the power of the Internet to find prospects. Distributors with many companies are given company sponsored websites to market their opportunity and products. The better companies are also providing Internet marketing training to their distributors as well.

Distributors are finding that they do not have to “chase” prospects when they learn to market online!

Still, even the best network marketing companies have a ways to go. The next step in their evolution is to train distributors in attraction marketing. Attraction marketing combines article marketing, email marketing, and marketing with video, to create a “branding” effect for an individual or a business. The best training ground for attraction marketing is Renegade University. The free, members only site, gives students the opportunity to earn cash while learning attraction marketing.

In the end, network marketing companies do not determine network marketing success. Individuals that are willing to work hard and learn new skills will fashion their own success.


Getting a Quick Loan

It is very necessary to ascertain first the kind of loan you might be eligible for. Analyzing your current financial situation and understanding which kind of loan you qualify for or what you should look for saves time and gets you a loan fast as well. This means, it is necessary to know that whether you should be going for a unsecured quick loan or a secured loan.

Secured loans need collateral which is something valuable you own like property, car, bonds etc. Unsecured loans are also know as signature loans and getting funds through credit card with the help of a bank or credit union is a very popular way of getting unsecured loans. These loans are termed as signature loans because of its flexibility to provide loans in return for just a signature. Getting money from friends, family or colleagues is also one of the options and it is called I.O.U and only aspect which is doesn’t sound good is that you old bond with the person can get hampered with in case of you cannot afford to shell out payment as scheduled.

Having a good credit record makes it easier for you to acquire loans and also means you don’t have to ask for money from friends or family. Credit union and banks would be more than happy to give you loans and if the amount you plan to borrow is a huge sum, then you should get a secured loan. This is because they have low rate of interest whereas if you are in need a loan fast of smaller amount, the high interest is offset by the small value of unsecured loans.

Many financing agencies are ready to lend help you in your financial crisis even when you are suffering from poor credit ratings and the reason behind this is they charge extraordinary rate of interest. Getting similar loans from banks is not possible because in simple words, they don’t like taking risk and they don’t trust your capability of repaying back on time and therefore if you need a loan fast here, it would never be sanctioned there.

Acquiring a much safer secured loan is a good option but it comes with its own price which is collateral, which can be jewelry, car, home, bonds, etc. Make sure you do understand the total sum of money in the given tenure and calculate beforehand whether you would be capable of repaying the loan or not. Incapability to pay back the loan on time, your collateral would be attached which means it would be confiscated and your home, which is most commonly used as collateral, and if you have done the same thing, you will no longer have your home.

If at all you have doubts and you are unsure or not confident of your capability to pay back the loan including both principal and interests within stipulated time frame, refrain from taking one whether it is secured or unsecured – because you just might get in to bigger problems than what you are in to at the moment. Thus, it is always a good idea to pay more than minimum due amount regularly to close the loan as fast as possible.