Can the Best Network Marketing Companies Determine Your Network Marketing Success?

Unfortunately, network marketing failure is far more common than network marketing success. It is common knowledge, though, that the best network marketing companies produce more successful distributors than companies with poor management and weaker business models. This article will reveal to what extent a strong network marketing company can determine individual success.

The top 25 network marketing companies have much in common. Typically, they have products that are unique and in demand. Usually, the products are not easy to find elsewhere. These top companies are continually changing with the times, adapting to the demands of the marketplace and the needs of their distributors.

In a word, they are RESPONSIVE!

Conversely, unsuccessful mlm companies tend to be less flexible, particularly with their approach to prospecting and marketing. As Ann Sieg points out in her classic book, “The Renegade Network Marketer”,many of these companies experience attrition rates of 95% because they use “old school” marketing techniques.

These techniques include making a “names” list, and prospecting your “warm market.”This list usually includes friends and family members. Because many people close to a distributor have no interest in network marketing, this form of prospecting leads to alienation and rejection.

Ultimately, it leads to mlm FAILURE!

Luckily, the best network marketing companies are changing with the times. While many still cling to “old school” marketing techniques, they are beginning to train distributors in leveraging the power of the Internet to find prospects. Distributors with many companies are given company sponsored websites to market their opportunity and products. The better companies are also providing Internet marketing training to their distributors as well.

Distributors are finding that they do not have to “chase” prospects when they learn to market online!

Still, even the best network marketing companies have a ways to go. The next step in their evolution is to train distributors in attraction marketing. Attraction marketing combines article marketing, email marketing, and marketing with video, to create a “branding” effect for an individual or a business. The best training ground for attraction marketing is Renegade University. The free, members only site, gives students the opportunity to earn cash while learning attraction marketing.

In the end, network marketing companies do not determine network marketing success. Individuals that are willing to work hard and learn new skills will fashion their own success.


Target Marketing For Multilevel Networkers

If you want to take your multilevel marketing business to a higher level, then you need to start spending most of your available time building your business, and focus the most on only doing things that move your business forward. MLM success can be yours if you choose to adopt the marketing tactics that top MLM industry leaders employ to build massive downlines and lasting residual and passive incomes.

The most important thing to put your effort into is MLM prospecting and recruiting and generating free multilevel marketing leads on demand. Networkers make their real money by prospecting and recruiting. Sales of marketing tools and systems will make commissions for you, but by recruiting new members onto your team, you will be leveraging their time to create a residual income for yourself. The goal in your MLM prospecting is to create more leads than you can potentially deal with yourself. To accomplish that, you need to pay attention to what top MLM earners are doing.

To take your business to a higher level you’ll have to consistently present your business to new individuals who are interested in it. For those who aren’t experienced at marketing or sales, this can be an intimidating task. The first thing those involved in MLMs are taught is to attempt to market to their friends and family, known as your warm market. Sometimes that works and for most people it often doesn’t. And quite often it creates an environment where your family and friends are uncomfortable around you because you push your business on them and they don’t want to hear about it. Obviously that is not a good situation.

The important point here is that before long, you most likely are going to run out of people you know that you can market to. At that point you have to start approaching people that you don’t know. Now comes the real challenge, and the one that will make or break your new business venture. You will have learn how to generate high quality leads for your MLM sponsoring so you can create a lasting downline for your team. The best way to make this happen is to find an online multilevel marketing lead generation system that trains networkers on target marketing.

With billions of internet users scouring search engines daily, there is a lot of ripe fruit out there for MLM prospecting. The trick is to find out how to get your opportunity in front of the right people and attract those who are sincerely looking for income-making opportunities like the one you are promoting. The best marketing techniques to use for multilevel businesses today are those that target specific markets and generate free leads from the Internet.

Many top MLM earners generate free multilevel marketing leads using various online marketing methods. For those doing online network marketing today, networkers need to take MLM tips from these leaders and do what they do.

Start by researching keywords that are being entered onto search engines by the group of prospects you are target marketing. Next you can post videos on social media sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Kewego, and Viddler that are aimed at your target market, set up blog sites and write informative content that provides valuable information to the market group you are focusing on, and write articles about ways they can make more money and submit them to top article sites like EzineArticles.

Target marketing strategies can also be utilized by using online social media sites. Focus on getting messages out on Twitter and Facebook to specific groups of potential prospects, but do it without spamming everyone with some sales pitch. There are many other excellent marketing skills MLM leaders use, but the bottom line is, effective marketing online will bring highly qualified targeted traffic to your website, and quality targeted leads are far better than quantities of leads that have no interest in what you offer.

A very important thing to keep in mind when establishing yourself with your online marketing is, make sure you aren’t just another one of the masses who are selling get rich products and ideas. You have to differentiate yourself.

This can be accomplished by practicing the now popular relationship marketing concept of attraction marketing. Make yourself of value to others looking for solutions to their problems and you will develop lasting relationships where people will trust you when you make recommendations to them about what lead systems to use, what online marketing tools to employ, and also what multilevel teams to join.

There are excellent attraction marketing systems where networkers can get training and MLM marketing secrets and resources how to take your network marketing business to the next level. Six months from now you could be one of many MLM success stories, or your business can be in the same place it is today. You have to decide for yourself that it’s time to move forward.